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We are a digital agriculture service provider & consultancy company. Our mission: Empowering agriculture through technology, we foster effective collaboration with farmers and harness agri-data for informed decision-making.



Crop management Apps for Farmers

Maximize crop productivity with our Android and web applications. From planning schedules to pest and disease monitoring, our smart tools empower farmers, field managers, and extension agents to make data-driven decisions for optimal crop management.

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Two-Way Messaging and Communication Services

Our comprehensive messaging and communication services facilitate effective communication throughout the agricultural value chain. Stakeholders benefit from real-time chat, crop notifications, weather updates, and more, enhancing smooth and efficient communication.

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Real-time FIELD monitoring and smart sensing

Harness the potential of real-time monitoring and intelligent sensing technologies. Our solutions offer actionable insights for precision agriculture, covering various aspects such as soil moisture levels, weather conditions, and crop health monitoring.

integrated data solutions for agrichain optimization

Since 2018, SmartFarming has partnered with the Rainforest Alliance to develop the "My Crop Care" app for coffee farmers in Karnataka, India. This app, still in its pilot phase, offers scalable agronomic assistance and is specifically targeted at farmers in Karnataka due to their higher literacy rates and smartphone ownership. The development process has prioritized a user-centered design approach, involving active participation from farmers. Presently, the application is being tested in both Rwanda and India.

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Blended Learning

Effortlessly customize your current manuals, courses, and training materials for seamless integration with our digital tool, enabling you to directly reach a wide range of beneficiaries or concentrate on train-the-trainer strategies.

User-Centered Research and Design

Our utmost focus is on user-centered design, as we strive to enhance the user experience through intuitive interfaces and  optimized design. To achieve this, we employ a comprehensive user-centered approach that delves deeply into user research, allowing us to gain valuable insights into their unique personalities, specific needs, and cherished desires, among other crucial factors. The use of this information, we craft powerful tools with interfaces that not only meet their expectations but also empower success within the agriculture industry.



Our experienced consultants specialize in agronomy, data science, IoT, and precision agriculture. We assist organizations with agricultural software development, digitalisation strageties, M&E strategies, data analysis, among others.

What sets us apart are;

  • Personalised solutions and customized strategies.
  • Technological integration 
  • Data-driven insights to make informed decisions.
  • Continuous support to clients
  • Sustainable focus to preserve environment whiles improving productivity.



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In this video Farmers, the Rainforest Alliance and the smartfarming team describe the development of a tool for coffee growers

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SmartFarming BV is dedicated to empowering farmers and agribusinesses, providing them with the necessary tools to foster sustainable practices and enhance profitability.

Our primary focus revolves around equipping you with the resources you need to thrive.

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